Connecting you to the world

Juniper Internet - Providing complete Internet Solutions

Here at Juniper Internet, we pride ourselves on providing one of the finest Web Solutions for businesses anywhere on the World Wide Web.

We offer our clients a full bespoke web soultion to match their individual needs. Our services include (but are NOT limited to) a full consultation process where we gain the inital insight into your needs for your Web Solutions.

Design and implementation of your site from your own detailed requirements, continued support and help from our own experienced programmers and support network.

Continued SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) monitoring of your web site and detailed analysis of visitor statistics which enable us to pinpoint your sites strenghts and weaknesses which in turn allows for fine tuning of your internet presence to maximise your Web Solutions.

Our services include:

    Bespoke Website Design and Coding
    Content Management Sytem based web solutions
    Search Engine Optimisation
    Website and Email package hosting
    Domain name registration and negotiation

In short, here at Juniper Internet we can offer you and your business a full web solution, from initial consultation to the continued development and monitoring of your site, Juniper Internet will guide you through the process of connecting your business to the world market.